Other activities
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In addition to the Projects, Presentations and Competitions, the Company is involved in other activites and events, including:

Guilds event

The Company's main event is the Guilds Day, held in a different group each year. The Company runs classes over a weekend, sharing a feast with members of the many other guilds in Lochac.

The Company also runs classes at major events, including the Rowany Festival, held each year at Easter and members of the Company may run classes at local SCA events.

 Guild Event 2003

Guild Day 2003


The Company frequently has a display table at major events, often in conjunction with the WCoB competition.

12thN ight 2006 3 12th Night 2006 4 12th Night 2006 5

12th Night 2006 712th NIght 2006 8 12th Night 2006 9

12th Night 2006 Display (including LOG pouches and Banner bits) and competition entries.


Members of the Company also make prizes for Kingdom and local events. Here is a selection of pouches made as prizes for Arts & Sciences events and Tourneys.


Pouch for Tocal Tourney, by Jane Stockton


Pouch for Kingdom Arts & Sciences, by Katerina de Brescia


Pouch for Arts & Sciences, by Constance de Coligny


Pouch for Arts & Scients, by Fionnabhair inghean ui Mheadhra

Guild meetings

With the Company spread so far across our vast Kingdom, the annual meeting at Rowany Festival each year is a welcome chance meet each other face to face, show our work in progress, discuss Company matters and projects.

WCoB Meeting Festival 2005

Discussing the Company Banner project at the WCoB meeting at Festival 2005.