Laurel Cloak

Design competition: A Peerage cloak for the Order of the Laurel


Four years ago, the Worshipful Company of Broiderers undertook a project to create a Peerage Cloak for the Order of the Pelican. The Order of Chivalry already had a cloak (although this is not always used), and the Order of the Laurel had plans to create their own cloak.  The project was successful and the Pelican cloak is now used as part of the ceremony to induct a new member of that Order - but the Laurels still lacked a peerage cloak. 

At Festival this year, the Company discussed the idea of running a design competition, so that a Laurel cloak could be produced.  The Order of the Laurel were pleased to agree to the idea and the Barony of Rowany has agreed to fund the production through the Fighter Auction fund, which also supported the creation of the Pelican Cloak.


Designs for the Laurel Cloak will be submitted for Midwinter, in hardcopy or electronic form, as part of the Company's cycle of competitions.

The designs will be judged by the Order of the Laurel, and a winning entry declared.

The winning design will then be undertaken as a project by the Worshipful Company of Broiderers.


The design should feature hand embroidery of an appropriate style or styles, which can be undertaken in a realistic timeframe at and at a reasonable skill level (we do not have scores of Masters available!)

Design elements should reflect one or more of:

The design elements should work together to form a cohesive whole, and relate to cloak, cope or mantle designs used in period.

There are currently 107 members of the Order of the Laurel in Lochac. For more details, see the Laurel website.


The cloak will be made as a Company project, with many people from many areas working on different elements. The design will need to be appropriate to this approach.  There are two basic design approaches:

Materials and methods

Materials, stitches and embroidery styles should be appropriate to the period of your cloak design.

the main cloak construction could be done by machine. If by hand, consider the time required.


The cloak will need to be practical to wear and transport:


Your documentation should include:

Optionally, you could also include samples of materials and/or worked examples of any embroidered elements.

Details of how to submit your design will be provoded closer to Midwinter.