Member work

In addition to work on Presentations, Competitions and Company Projects, the many talented members of the Company work on their own projects.

Examples of Members' work

Here is a selection of pieces worked by members of the Company, including examples from Presentation, Competition entries and work on joint projects.

To add your work to the collection, send pictures and details to the Webmaster.

Aeron Lassair, Rowany

Aeron_Collar_small  aeroncuff_small

Gold and beadwork collar           Gold and beadwork cuffs

Acacia de Navarre, St Florian de Rivere

Acacia_hanging_small  Boris_towel_small

Bayeux work hanging  Assisi work towel

Adrienne de Fildying de Faux, Stormhold


Blackwork cuffs

Alarice Beatrice von Thal, Rowany

Alarice_pouch_small  german_box_small

German brickstitch pouch German brickstitch box

Aliette Delacourt


Elizabethan mittens

Amalie of Southron Gaard, Southron Gaard


Splitstitch panel

Amelot de Akeney, Politarchopolis


Blackwork shirt

Bartolemeo Giancristoforo Agazzari, Rowany

Doublet_small  elizabethan_pillow_small

Couched doublet       Canvas work slips

Bess Haddon of York, Rowany

Bess_breastband_small  towel1_small

Pearled breastband    Pattern-darned towel

Caera Sionnach, Politarchopolis

T t

Goldwork cushions   Goldwork LOG pouch

Cataline de Gata


 Beaded breastband   Couched gown       Hardanger handkerchief

Cicilia Lyon, Ildhavn


German brickstitch pillow

Contarina la Bianca, River Haven

Contarina_LOG_small  contarina_surcoat_small  Contarina_dragon_small  aedward_elizabethan_cap_small

Intarsia pouch           Applique dragon     Goldwork dragon      Blackwork coif

Constance de Coligny, Darton

Constance_kloster_small  asa_cuffs_small

Klosterstitch panel     Viking woolwork cuffs

Fionnabhair inghean ui Mheadhra, Innilgard

Fionnabhair_as_pouch_small  Fionnabhair_applique_small  Fionnabhair_StemStitchAmorKerchief_small  Fionnabhair_SweteBag_small  Fionnabhair Blackwork cap

A&S pouch            14thc applique panel          Stem stitch kerchief          Sweetebag                Blackwork coif

Gwir ferch Madog, Krae Glas

Gwir_romanesque_small  Gwir Woolwork pouch  Gwir 14thc Or Nue Gwir Goldwork cuffs  Gwir 12thc Collar

13thc panel                 Woolwork pouch        Goldwork cuffs          Or Nue badges                                              12thc  Woolwork collar

Hunydd verch Madyn Duy, Stowe on the Wold

hunydd_sweetbag_small  hunydd_pillow_small   B t t

Elizabethan sweetebag  Brickstitch PIillow    Elizabethan applique  Long-armed cross    Brickstitch pouch

Jane Stockton, Mordenvale

Jane_assisi_towel_small  jane_pouch_small  jane_stockton_icelandic_cushion_small  jane_anglo_collar  Cornelius_badge_small

Assisi work panel        German counted        Woolwork cushion        Woolwork dress        Splitsticth badge

Katerina de Brescia,  Innilgard

 katerina_stockfin_small  katerina_dafydddoubbk_small  katerina_bunnies_turban_small  Katarina blackwork cap

Keridwen the Mouse, Rowany

mouse_shirt_small  reticella_small  burrato_griffon_small  Mouse_coif_small  kurgen_small  huriwa_small  henin_small

Blackwork shirt   Punto in aria        Filet lace                      Pearled dress               Splitstitch devices                                         Pearled hat

Leoba of Ithingdun, Rowany

Leoba_bookcover_small T t

Elizabethan polychrome   16thc bookcover

Leonie de Grey, Politarchopolis


Split stitch figure

Marienna Jensdattir, Darton

marienna_or_nue_work_small  Marienna_handsewing_small  Marienna_shirt_small

Or nue panel                   Handsewn garb  Blackwork shirt

Miriam Galbraith, Stormhold

towel2_small  Miriam_applique_small

Pattern-darned towel  Applique panel

Madilyn de Mer, River Haven


Voided work towel

Muirghein ni Grainne, Politarchopolis

muirghein_mathilde_partlet_small  St_Claire_small

Blackwork partlet collar       Splt-stitch figure

Nesta verch Wyn

Oonagh O'Neill, Politarchopolis


Shisha shawl

Rosamond de Montfort, Aneala

Alfar Cushion

Woolwork cushion

Rowan Perigrynne, Politarchopolis

Rowan_bookcover  girdle_small  rowan_Pearls_sm  Rowan_Eliz_glove_small  Rowan_pouch_small  rowan_alfar_sleeve_small  Rowan_Eliz_hood2_small

Goldwork bookcover   Islamic girdle               Beaded 16thc German  Elizabethan gloves    Couched 14thc pouch  Viking woolwork cuff   B;ackwork coif

Sabine du Bourbonnais, St Florian de Rivere

sabine_pouch_small_  sabine_Giles_small  sabine_Mynjon_small  sabine_Nathaniel_small  S  s

Split-stitch pouches and badges

Selivia de l'Estoile, Politarchopolis


Pattern-darned towel

Sinech ingen Chonchobair hui Briuin, Southron Gaard


Viking woolwork border

Vittoria del Fiore, Stormhold


Applique cushion

Zanobia Admirari, Politarchopolis

zanobia_bunny_entry_small  Draco_cushion_small  Zanobia_convent_small t t

Woolwork bunny    Viking woolwork cushion  Klosterstitch device       LOG pouch          Blackwork shirt

Member Websites

Many of our members have their own galleries, which may be viewed online.