Making a presentation

Since its re-establishment, the Company has made a formal presentation to the Royalty of Lochac on the occasion of their divestiture. These presentations are the form of an embroidered article, in keeping with the persona of our Royalty, and are a personal gift to Their Royal Majesties of Lochac from the Company.

The volunteers for this task are selected for the quality of their work and ability to meet the deadline!

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Image Details

 Alfar III and Angharat I, Midwinter XLIX (20140



 Niall I and Liadan I, 12th Night XLVIII (2014)

 Niall: 12th Embroidery
 Design and work: TBA

 Liadan: Bliaut Embroidery
 Design and Work: Muirghein ni Grainne


 Felix I and Eva I, Midwinter XLVIII (2013)

 Eva: Steuchlein
 Design: TBA

 Felix: Gofannon
 Design and work: TBA


 Henri I and Beatrice I, 12th Night XLVII (2013)

 Requests: TBA


 Siridean II and Margie I, Midwinter XLVII (2012)

 Siridean: AngloSaxon collar/cuffs
 Design and work: Ragnhildr (assigned)

 Margie: Mammen style peplos
 Design and work: Alexous of Uri (assigned)


 Cornelius III and Elizabeth I, 12th Night XLVI (2012)

 Cornelius: 15thc garters
 Design and work: Miriam Galbraith (assigned)

 Elizabeth: 15thc Purse
 Design and work: Catherine of Sherwood (assigned)


 Gabriel II and Constanzia II, Midwinter XLVI (2011)

 Gabriel: Blackwork shirt
 Design and work: Aliette (assigned)

 Constanzia:'Something Spanish'
 Design and work: Catalina de Gata (assigned)


 Edmund I and Leonore I, 12th Night XLV (2011)

 Edmund: Blackwork collar and cuffs
 Design and work: Keredwin the Mouse (assigned)

 Leonore: Steuchlein
 Design: Hunydd verch Madyn Duy
 Work: Nicola de Coventre


 Bran I and Lilya I, Midwinter, Midwinter XLV (2010)

 Bran: Goldwork cuffs - Jane Stockton and Leoba (in progress)

 Lilya: Mamluk sash - Rosamond de Montfort


 Gabriel I and Constanzia I, 12th Night XLIV (2010)

 Constanzia: Crewelwork cushion - Madilyn de Mer (in progress)

 Gabriel: Blackwork shirt - Nesta verch Wyn (in progress)

 E T

 Theuderic I and Engelin I, Midwinter AS XLIV (2009)

 Merovangian cartouches
 Design: Rowan Perigrynne
 Worked by: Sinech ingen Chonchobair hui Beiuin, Miriam Galbraith, Ginevra and Keridwen the Mouse (presented); Asa Bieskalda and Jane Stockton (in progress)


 Siridean I and Siban I, 12th Night AS XLIII (2009)

 Anglo Saxon rondels - Contarina la Bianca (in progress)

 Berengaria cushion T

 Berengar I and Bethan I, Midwinter AS XLIII (2008)

 Berengar - Elizabethan cushion
 Design and work: Hunydd verch Madyn Duy and Keridwen the Mouse

 Bethan - Elizabethan bookcover
 Design and work: Leoba


 Hugh I and Theresa I, 12th Night AS XLII (2008)

 Blackwork cuffs
 Design: Adrienne de Fildying de Faux
 Worked by: Adrienne de Fildying de Faux and Aliena de Savigny

 Gudrun cushion Alfar cushion

 Alfar II and Gudrun II, Midwinter AS XLI (2007)

 Viking woolwork cushions
 Design: Leonie de Grey
 Worked by: Rosamond de Montfort, Rowan Perigrynne and Leonie de Grey

Draco_cushion_small asa_cuffs_small2

 Draco II and Asa II, 12th Night AS XLI (2007)

 Draco: Viking Woolwork cushion
 Design & work: Zanobia Adimiri

 Asa: Viking Woolwork cuffs
 Design: Marienna Jensdattr
 Worked by: Constance de Coligny and Jane Stockton


 Aedward II and Yolande II, Midwinter AS XLI  (2006)

 Blackwork cuffs
 Design: Rowan Perigrynne
 Worked by: Leonie de Grey, Ysmay, Anne of Lincoln, Wilhameena and Adrienne Fildyng de Faux


 Cornelius II & Morwenna II, 12th Night AS XL (2006)

 Late 14thc German applique hanging
 Design: Leonie de Grey
 Worked by: Fionnabhair inghean ui Mheadhra, Miriam Galbraith, Mathilde Adycote of Mynheniot, Morag Freyser, Rowan  Perigrynne, Leonie de Grey


 Stephens gloves

 Stephen I & Mathilde I, Midwinter AS XL (2005)

 Mathilde: Elizabethan partlet
 Design and work: Muirghein ni Grainne

 Stephen: Elizabethan gloves
 Design: Rowan Perigrynne
 Worked by: Amelot de Akeney (initial work) and Muirghein ni Ghrainne (substantial completion)


 Draco I & Serena (Asa) I, 12th Night AS XXXIX (2005)

 Viking woolwork cloak borders
 Design: Marienna Jensdatte
 Worked by: Sinech ingen Chonchobair hui Beiuin and Leonie de Grey

aedward_elizabethan_cap_small Y

 Aedward I and Yolande I, Midwinter AS XXXIX (2004)

 Aedward: Blackwork cap
 Design: Bartolemeo Giancristoforo
 Worked by: Contarina la Bianca

 Yolade: Elizabethan gloves
 Design: Rowan Perigrynne
 Worked by: Yvonne Yvette and Tristan de Poitiers (initial work), and Rowan Perigrynne (substantial completion)



 Alaric I and Nerissa I, 12th Night AS XXXVIII (2004)

 Alaric: Blackwork shirt
 Design and work: Amelot de Akeney

 Nerissa: Pattern-darned towel
 Design and work: Selivia de l'Estoile

henin_small Cornelius_badge_small

 Cornelius I and Morwenna I, Midwinter AS XXXVIII (2003)

 Cornelius: Split-stitch badge
 Design and work: Jane Stockton

 Morwenna: Beaded henin
 Design and work: Keridwen the Mouse


 Alfar I and Elspeth I, 12th Night AS XXXVII (2003)

 Alfar: Bayeux-work hanging
 Design: Rowan and Roisin
 Worked by: Roisin

 Elspeth: Viking metalwork cuffs
 Design and work: Valieria  (in progress)


 Gawayne I and Yve I, Midwinter AS XXXVII (2002)

 Applique cushions
 Design and work: Vittoria del Fiore


 Alfar V and Liadan I, 12th Night AS XXXVI (2002)

 Liadan: Beaded German breastband
 Design and work: Alarice Beatrix von Thal

 Alfar: Viking woolwork cuffs
 Design and work: Rowan Perigrynne


 Gui I and Aelfled I, Midwinter AS XXXVI (2001)

 German brickstitch work box
 Design and work: Alarice Beatrix von Thal

Boris_towel_small  Constance_towel_small

 Boris II and Constance II, 12th Night AS XXXV (2001)

 Long-armed cross stitch towels
 Design and work: Acacia de Navarre (dragons) and Madilyn de Mer (mermaids)

towel1_small  towel2_small

 Cornelius III and Morwynna III, Midwinter AS XXXV (2000)

 Pattern-darned towels
 Design and work: Bess Haddon of York, Miriam Galbraith

elizabethan_pillow_small  elizabethan_slip_small

 Aedward I and Yolande I, 12th Night AS XXXIV (2000)

 Elizabethan cushion
 Design and work: Bartolomeo Agazzari


 Vladimir I and Huriwa I, Midwinter AS XXXIV (1999)

 Split-Stitch napkins
 Design and work: Keridwen the Mouse