Working on tapestries

In recent years, the Company has embarked on a number of large projects, which are worked on by our members in their various locations across this Kingdom, and brought together to form a greater whole.

Our move to Kingdom was the driving force behind the first two such projects - the Investiture Cloaks and the Royal Carpet. Our latest project is the Laurel cloak.

Laurel Cloak

Wreath_RowanFollowing the success of the Pelican cloak, the Order of the Laurel detirmined to replace their own ceremonial cloak and held a design competiion in mid 2012. The winning design is based on period examples and features medallions depicting the various arts and crafts of the Order. The cloak project is being co-ordinated by the Company, with pieces worked by the members of the Company, the Order of the Laurel and others who would like to contribute. As with the Pelican cloak, the project is being funded by the Rowany Fighter Auction Fund.

Pelican Cloak

Cloak_sample_smallThe Order of the Pelican in the Kindom of Lochac had ceremonial cloak to invest new members of the Order, but after many years of use, this cloak was showing its age. Mistress Rowan Perigrynne has designed a new cloak, based on period examples and featuring the devices of all 100+ members of the Order. The cloak project was co-ordinated by the Company, with pieces worked by the members of the Company, the Order of the Pelican and other willing hands. The project was funded by the Barony of Rowany with proceeds from the Fighter Auction.

Company Banner

1The Medieval Livery Companies had many ceremonial articles to proclaim their status, wealth and importance, including funeral palls, banners - even barges. The Company has completed a Company banner, based on period examples, worked by the members of the Company in pieces and assembled into a suitably grandiose whole. The banner was designed by Mistress Rowan Perigrynne, based on a mid-15th c example.

Mouse Guard Pouches

mouseguardThe Mouse Guard was established in the reign of Corin Anderson and Keredwin the Mouse while Lochac was still a Principality and was retained by the new Kingdom. The award is given to those amongst those very young subjects that Their Majesties finds have been of help to others and otherwise worthy of recognition.
The token of the award is a pouch, bearing the reversed charge from the device of Her Excellency Mistress Keredwin the Mouse. The device is "Gules crusily botony, a mouse sejant erect to sinister, tail nowed argent". The pouch bears the mouse charge facing the other way (to dexter) on a plain red field.

The Worshipful Company of Broiderers has been requested to help provide suitable pouches, so that these may given out in each reign.

LOG Pouches

LOG_eliz2The Lochac Order of Grace is given to those who display unusual courtesy. The members of the Order are given a purse depicting the registered device of the Order, but many awards have been made without this token. The Company has embarked on a project to make embroidered LOG pouches for past and future recipients, in a variety of styles.

One of the Company's competitions for 2003 was for a completed LOG pouch and the first set of pouches were presented at Midwinter AS XXXVII (2003). Further presentations were made at 12th Night and are planned for each successive Midwinter and 12th Night. Mistress Rowan Perigrynne has designed a set of seven LOG pouch designs using different techniques. Members have made pouched based on these designs or using their own historically-based designs.

Investiture Cloaks

crown_patchAs part of the regalia for the Investiture of our first King and Queen, Master Bartolomeo Agazzari designed a pair of cloaks, which were worked by the Worshipful Company of Broiderers. The finished cloaks have a solid 10cm band of fine tent stitch in silk on linen, depicting symbols of Lochac Royalty and the Peerage Orders. The bands were worked in 52 pieces and took over 1000 hours to complete.

Royal Carpet

carpet_section2The Royal kneeling carpet for the Investiture of our first King and Queen was designed by Mistress Rowan Perigrynne and worked by the Worshipful Company of Broiderers and friends. The finished carpet is about 1m by 2m, worked in heavy wool cross stich on canvas. The carpet was made in 32 pieces and took approx 350 hours to complete.


This project has inspired carpets made by other groups, including the Baronies of Rowany, Stormhold and Politarchopolis.