Company Banner


The Company needs a banner to mark our presence in court during presentations, for procession at Guild events and on other such occasions requiring suitable panoply.


The design is based on the banner of an Italian merchant town, probably mid 15th c, depicted in Neubecker. The finished banner is approximately 60cm wide x 1m high.

Neubecker_Banner             Banner_design-small       WCoB_banner_complete

          Italian Banner Neubecker, p 243                                                         WcoB Design                                                           Constructed banner

The centre rondel has been appropriated for the badge of the Company; the supporters replaced by two patron saints of embroidery and our founders; the text replaced by the Company name; the background devices have become the devices of the members of the Company of apprentice and journeyman rank; the border devices have become the
devices of our masters of the company and of Lochac; and the crowned Liberatis of the Italian free states has become the crowned Lochac.



The banner was divided into sections, so that many people could work on the project in different areas. Although less common than counted work, the laid gold and splitstitch techniques are not difficult. This project is possible for people of moderate skill and experience to undertake and the very small sections this project provides a good introduction to these important medieval techniques.

To maintain consistency, kits were prepared for each section, together with full instructions.

The constructed banner

The majority of the individual devices and Lochac devices were returned by 2007, but the banner could not be constructed until all the gold Lochac edge pieces were completed. A second round of kits was sent out in 2008 and a full set of edge pieces were returned by January 2009. The banner was constructed in time for the Company presentations made at court at Rowany Festival in April 2009.

There are still some pieces in progress, including some of the supporters, and the banner will continue to grow as members of the Company pass their gradings and have their devices registered.

The completed pieces.


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