Example LOG Pouches

Here are some examples of pouches completed by the Company and presented to Their Majesties each Midwinter and Twelfth Night, to be given to the recipients of the Lochac Order of Grace.

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Elizabethan tent stitch - Rowan Perigrynne

Elizabethan tent stitch slip - Jane Stockton

Anglo-Saxon Goldwork - Jane Stockton

Anglo-Saxon Laid and Couched Work - Jane Stockton (worked in hand spun wool with bone needle)

Anglo-Saxon Laid and Couched Work - Jane Stockton






Pouches by the Shire of Darton

German Brickstitch - Marienna Jansdattir

Viking Same (coiled metal) Marienna Jansdattir

Viking Woolwork Robyn of the May

Instarsia - Contarina la Bianca