Structure and Rankings
Sitting in court

The Company bases its structure on those of the European embroiderers' guilds of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, with officers and a formal set of ranks.


The Company has three offices:

Guildmaster: Viscountess Mistress Rowan Perigrynne

The Guildmaster (who may be male or female, in keeping with period practice) guides the company in practical matters and is the ceremonial head of the guild. The Guildmaster is elected by the Masters of the Guild from within their ranks.

Patron: Duke Gabriel du Beamont

The Patron sponsors the activities of the Company, providing prizes for the quarterly competitions and the championship. The Patron must have an interest in fostering needlework in Lochac and a willingness to support this in a practical manner, and is selected from within the ranks of Lochac's royal peerage.


The Champion is the premier of the Company, selected by the Guildmaster on the quality of their work during the previous year, especially work submitted as entries in the Company's series of annual competitions.


The Company is structured with three ranks, to which any member of the Company may aspire: Apprentice (apprendre - "to learn"); Journeyman (journe - "day" - originally men hired to work by the day) and Master.

For details, see the Company Ordinances.

Ranks may be updated throughout the year, but are formally recognised at the Guilds Event each year, where new apprentices, journeymen and masters are officially declared.

The Company includes many other non-ranked embroiders of all levels of skill and experience. Although they have not submitted their work to the Masters and are not listed here, many of these gentles are nevertheless very active members of the Company. You will see some of their names appearing in pages on competitions, presentations, projects, etc.

The members at each rank are listed below, together the works that gained them recognition, where this is known. 

Master Broderer

Masters have presented 5 works in different techniques at master level, or been recognised by the Order of the Laurel for embroidery (some members of the Company are members of the Order of the Laurel for excellence in other arts).

Only masterworks and presentation pieces are listed here. Select linked names to see examples of their works.

Name Group Work
Mistress Acacia de Navarre St Florian de la Riviere

Mistress of the Laurel in embroidery.
Masterworks: Split stitch favour, Bayeux style hanging
Presentations: Cross stitch towel

Mistress Bess Haddon of York Rowany Mistress of the Laurel in embroidery. Former Guildmaster.
Masterworks: Splitstitch pouch.
Presentations: Pattern darned towel
Mistress Contarina la Bianca River Haven Masterworks: Intarsia LOG pouch, Heraldic surcoat, Goldwork dragon, Backwork cap, Cross stitch Carpet, hand stitched 14thc gown
Presentations: Blackwork cap
Mistress Kareina Talvi Tytar Ynys Fawr West Kingdom Laurel for handsewing
Viscountess Mistress Keridwen the Mouse Rowany Mistress of the Laurel in embroidery. Former Guildmaster, former Patron.
Masterworks: Couched silverwork, Split stitch napkins, Beaded dress, coif & doublet, Blackwork favour & pincushion, Blackwork shirt, Drawn thread lace
Presentations: Split stitch napkins; Beaded henin
Viscountess Mistress Rowan Perigrynne Politarchopolis Current Guildmaster, former Patron, former Champion.
Masterworks: Blackwork cap, Viking woolwork cuffs, Lochac carpet, LOG pouch designs, Islamic girdle, Research and design.
Presentations: Viking woolwork cuffs; Blackwork cuff design, Applique design, Elizabethan cuff design
Mistress Vittoria del Fiore Stormhold Mistress of the Laurel in embroidery.
Presentations: Applique cushions.

Journeyman Broderer

Journeymen have presented 3 works in different techniques at journeyman level or above.

All graded works and presentation pieces are listed here. Select linked names to see examples of their works.

Mistress Adrienne Fildying de Faux Stormhold

Masterworks: Holbein stitch handkerchief
Journeyman: Italian cross stitch coverlet, Blackwork sampler, German counted work pouch
Presentations: Blackwork cuffs

Mistress Alarice Beatrix von Thal RowanyFormer Champion (twice)
Masterworks: Blackwork cap, Cross stitch towel, Needlewoven towel
Journeyman: Couched cloak, Crossstitch pillow case, German counted pouch and box
Presentation: German counted box, Beaded breastband.
Master Bartolomeo Giancristoforo Agazzari  RowanyMasterworks: Elizabethan slips, Kingdom cloaks
Journeyman: Laid and couched doublet
Lady Caera Sionnach
 PolitarchopolisMasterwork: Goldwork cushions, Elizabethan sweetbag, Blackwork collars
Apprentice: Frankish Gold cuffs
Lady Catalina da Gata AnealaJourneyman: Lefkara lace, Couched dress, German beaded breastband
Mistress Hunydd verch Madyn Duy Rowany
Masterworks: Elizabethan sweet bag, Applique cushion, Voided work towel
Journeyman: German counted thread pouch
Lady Jane Stockton MordenvaleFormer Champion. 
Masterworks: Voided altercloth, Blackwork shirt, Anglosaxon tunic
Journeyman: German counted thread pouch, Split stitch badges, Scandinavian couching
Presentations: Split stitch badge, Viking woolwork cuffs
Lady Katerina de Brescia InnilgardMasterworks: Split stitch stockings
Journeyman: Split stitch doublet, Blackwork coif, Goldwork A&S pouch
Mistress Marienna Jensdatter DartonMasterworks: Maaseik dress
Journeyman: Blackwork shirt, Wool couched tunic, Goldwork capuchon
Presentation: Viking woolwork designs
Mistress Miriam Galbraith Stormhold Masterworks: Applique couched dress, Goldwork byzantine dress
Journeyman: Blackwork cuffs, Pattern darned towel,
Presentation: Pattern darned towel, Applique hanging
Mistress Muirghein ni Grainne Politarchopolis Masterworks: Metalwork hawk badge
Journeyman: Split stitch favour, Couched cloak, Blackwork cushions
Presentation: Blackwork partlet 
Mistress Oonagh O'Neill 
 PolitarchopolisMasterworks: Shisha shawl
Journeyman: Blackwork partlet & handerchief, Beadwork partlet
Mistress Selivia de l'Estoile PolitarchopolisFormer Champion
Masterworks: Splitstitch Fulda fragment
Journeyman: Bayeux tapestry hanging, Drawn thread pouch.
Presentation: Embroidered towel.

Apprentice Broderers

Apprentices have presented at least one work at apprentice level or above, including company project work.

Graded works and presentation pieces are listed here. Select linked names to see examples of their works.

Baroness Aelfryth of SaxonyPolitarchopolisJourneyman: Elizabethan cloak
Lady Aeron LasairRowany

Masterworks: Goldwork Byzantine cuffs
Journeyman: German counted thread pouch

Lady Amelot de AkeneyPolitarchopolis

Presentation: Blackwork griffin sleeves

Lady Beatrice la RossaInnilgardMasterworks: Russian split stitch rubakha
Baroness Beatrice MalatestaRiver HavenApprentice: Satin stitch favour
Baroness Cicilia LyonIldhafnMasterworks: German counted-thread cushion
Lady Constance de ColignyIldhafnJourneyman: Handsewn tunic
Apprentice: Tafl board
Presentation: Viking woolwork cuffs
Lady Dominica de ZeragozaRowanyApprentice: Blackwork towel, Blackwork tablecloth
Master Drake MorganInnilgard

Journeyman: Blackwork shift
Apprentice: Lochac carpet piece

Mistress Elayne MontjoyStormholdMasterworks: Applique pouch, Beaded breastband
Lady Emma de LastoneKrae GlasApprentice: Banner piece?
Lady Esclarmonde de ToureRiver HavenApprentice: Lochac carpet piece, Lochac cloak piece
Fina Ingen ui ScolaigheRiver HavenJourneyman: Bayeux style pouch
Mistress Fionnabhair ingean ui MheadhraStowe on the WoldApprentice: Lochac cloak piece, WCoB Banner piece, Rowany carpet piece
Presentation: Applique hanging
Mistress Gwir verch MadocKrae GlasMasterworks: 12thc Hangings
Apprentice: Braid cases, Lochac carpet piece, WcoB banner device, WcoB gold work
Lady Joanna of the BeechwoodsPolitarcopolisApprentice: Lochac cloak piece
Kaolin MjoksigandaStoweApprentice: Rowany carpet piece
Lady Katherine Alicia of SarumSt Florian de la RiviereApprentice: Satin & chain stitch dress, Elizabethan mittens
Katherine RowberdRowany Journeyman: Blackwork shirt
Lady Kathleen o'DubhghaillPolitarchopolis Apprentice: Lochac carpet piece
Lady Madilayn du Mer River Haven

Master: Cross stitch handtowel
Journeyman: Elizabethan sweet bag
Presentation: Cross-stitch hand towel

Mistress Marit the Wanderer Agaricus Journeyman: Blackwork stomacher
Apprentice: Lochac carpet piece
Countess Mistress Mathilde Adycote of Mynheniot Politarchopolis Apprentice: Lochac carpet piece
Presentation: Applique hanging
Morag Freyser Politarchopolis Apprentice: Lochac carpet piece
Presentation: Applique hanging
Lady Nesta verch Wyn
 St Florians de la Rivere Apprentice: Split stitch pouch, Pelican cloak piece
Roisin Rowany
Lady Sabine de Ricold di FiorliSt Florians de la Rivere

Journeyman: Stem stitch head dress
Apprentice: WCoB Banner piece

Lady Salaberge de GransonSt Florians de la RivereJourneyman: Blackwork handkerchief
Lady Sibella da MontefeltroSt Florian de la RivereJourneyman: Chemise
Baroness Sinech ingen Chonchobair hui BeiuinSouthron Gaard Master: Wool embroidered leine
Presentation: Woolwork cloak border
Mistress Sybille la ChatteRowany Apprentice: Lochac carpet piece
Lady Tatianitska IaroslavnaStowe on the Wowld 
Tristan de PoitiersStormhold Apprentice: Blackwork cuffs, chainstitch tunic
Lady Valeria de Borgia River HavenJourneyman: Blackwork shirt, couched doublet
Lady Veronique of the ValleyPolitarchopolis Apprentice: Viking style LOG pouch
Lady Yvonne Yvette de PlumetotKrae GlasApprentice: Stormhold carpet piece
Lady Zanobia Admirari Colles Ardorum

Apprentice: Blackworked shirts
Journeyman: Viking woolwork cushion
Presentation: Viking woolwork cushion

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